Williamsport Properties Parking Administraton



It has been brought to the attention of Williamsport Properties Parking that many individuals who parked in the Hepburn Plaza Parking lot were ticketed on the weekend nights of April 27th and April 28th. This parking lot was not intended to be monitored nor were tickets intended to be issued over the weekend. Williamsport Properties Parking sincerely apologizes for any inconvenience and miscommunication. Any payments made towards those tickets will be refunded immediately. If you were one of the individuals who received a ticket on the evenings of either April 27th or 28th, while parked at the Hepburn Plaza, please call (570) 244-2442 for a refund of the payment made.

Due to an over-arching parking issue within the City of Williamsport, Williamsport Properties Inc. has initiated a parking security division to monitor private parking lots throughout the city.  As many appreciate, there is an ongoing issue with non-authorized individuals parking in private paid areas without authorization. Williamsport Properties Parking, in conjunction with the Williamsport Parking Authority, has been monitoring these issues and will continue to monitor its private parking lots. However, as of now, the Hepburn Plaza will not be monitored for ticketing purposes on weekend nights.

Williamsport Properties, Inc.  is a proud member of the downtown Williamsport community and will continue to work towards progress and advancement of all patrons, businesses and non-profit organizations in the downtown business district.